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Green Sharpen Up Concrete Necklace

Rhiannon Palmer

Green Sharpen Up Concrete Necklace

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Rhiannon Palmer does that unique thing. She mixes a material that is not beautiful and turns it into a masterpiece. The necklaces we are stocking are all made from concrete and are absolutely amazing. You are all very lucky we are putting them on here as we wanted them for ourselves.

If someone said to you that you were going to have a chunk of concrete around your neck, you might think that you were on the wrong side of the mafia. However, Rhiannon Palmer has created these stunning piece from concrete and enamel paint.

All of Rhiannon Palmer's necklaces comes with an adjustable black cord. The piece may look different to the one pictured due to the nature of the materials that are being used. The piece comes boxed up with instructions of how to keep safe.

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