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It’s hard to believe but its been nearly a year now since we bought the Clever Badger from Becca and Lewis and now we're doing our first blog!  Time flies when you’re having fun and it also flies when you’re learning lots of new things about running a business, what stock works, social media, face to face selling at markets, etc.  Phew, its been a learning curve for sure!

Anyway, we thought it was about time that we told you more about us and where we run the business from plus our menagerie of animals.  We run the business from home, for me that’s a farm on the edge of Ashbourne in Derbyshire.  It’s a lovely part of the world, as those of you who have visited the Peak District will know, and as I write this you could actually start to believe that spring is on its way with the garden starting to come to life.

I share the farm with a herd of Herefords and a small number of Belted Galloways who arrived last year in calf and obviously with my farmer husband.  The calving period in Spring is a fabulous time (if a little sleep deprived!) and last year I had two gorgeous Beltie calves – George (George Galloway obviously, it had to be done!) is quite well known in the village now as he used to regularly take himself out of the field onto the footpath.  He never went too far from his mom though, she used to stand at the other side of the fence shouting at him, but he would take no notice (I’m sure many mom’s can relate!) and just pop himself back in the field when someone appeared on the path! 

Thankfully he’s gown out of this phase now. 

I also have three horses at home, Doon and Balou plus little Barnaby who thinks he would one day like to be boss of the herd but he’s only two so at the moment he’s finding all the growing and learning just plain tiring and he likes a lie in!

We also have four dogs.  The oldest, Bryce is an unusual combination of Labrador and Jack Russell (a Jackdor maybe?!).  He’s a loyal little powerhouse who is happiest when he’s with me, whatever I’m doing although if what I am doing involves throwing a tennis ball, his life is complete. 

Next in line by age is Fletcher, the ‘nice but dim’ one of the pack.  He’s wolfhound x greyhound x whippet x Bedlington terrier, very fast but no stamina and happiest on the sofa asleep in front of a fire.  Anyone who has a lurcher will know that they lie in the oddest positions!

Then we have Flynn, the George Clooney of the pack because he’s a really handsome chocolate Flatcoated Retriever.  Mad as a hatter and about the most energetic thing this side of a Duracell bunny!  Lastly there’s Dylan who is Flynn’s son but seems to have inherited more from the golden Retriever that was his mother.  He’s a lovely dog, loyal and generally well behaved with a definite tendency to laziness.  He’s happiest when he’s carrying a blanket or at a push a slipper or when he’s trying to steal a stick from his dad!

So that’s my lot.  My aim is to try and post a blog at least once a month to tell you more about us, what we’re up to with the business and also to introduce some of our suppliers and new product lines. 

Sue lives just over the border in Staffordshire on a smallholding so next time I’ll introduce her family of animals,




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