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Lix 3D Pen

Rebecca Collier Review

Two years ago I purchased the smallest circular 3D pen in the world via Kickstarter! Although it was a long wait I can’t say that I’ve been too disappointed. With the flick of a switch you can now create what you imagine and literally draw in the air.

The pen functions very similarly to 3D printers meaning the quickly melted plastic cools to create a rigid, freestanding structures.

Using the pen isn’t too difficult, you plug it in – wait for it to heat up then start to draw. However drawing with it is another story, control is definitely an issue, as when the filament is still cooling down it tends to curl. I hope with more practice that I may create something beautiful eventually, see the video below to see my first attempt!

Check out their website to buy your own or have a look over on their Instagram for some inspiration!

Photo from Lix 

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