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Jane Katherine Houghton Interview

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How did you start your career as an Illustrator?
From a very early age I was always doing something crafty or creative, whether it was copying drawing the front of video boxes or making bracelets, and art was always something I enjoyed at school, so it was an easy decision to continue to do something creative as an adult. I studied graphic design specialising in illustration at Northumbria Uni and I have been working in London as a designer since then. I'm still pretty much at the beginning of my working life as a designer, so there are obviously still lots of areas I would like to explore. Whilst in full-time employment as a graphic designer, I have launched my own products alongside this, so currently working for myself is on the sidelines but something I hope to make full time in the near future.
What is your creative process, and how do you come up with fresh new ideas for your products?
I like to get out and about visiting exhibitions, going to the theatre and visiting new shops and restaurants - there are so many talented people doing amazingly creative things so inspiration is everywhere! - which also means it is is challenging to come up with something that is entirely original and never seen before. 
What has been your biggest achievement as a business?
I'm only in my first year of business so I am really thrilled to be selling my work in a number of independent shops and galleries - I've just signed up to exhibit at PULSE in London in May 2016 so working towards that is now my main focus over the next seven months. 
Do you put any of your creativity into cooking?
Definitely, I love baking and trying new recipes, it's good to experiment with stuff especially on a weekend when there's sometimes a bit more time, we like making Spanish tapas and thai food (not at the same time!)
What is the most disgusting thing that you’ve ever eaten?
I am not a fussy eater at all - there isn't much I don't like! My boyfriend recently went to Thailand where he tried spiders and scorpions much to my surprise!... Maybe will give that one a miss when I go travelling.
*All photos directly come from Jane Katherine Houghton or her own personal Instagram*

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