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Badger Box 'Working Nine to Five'

Rebecca Collier Badger Box

We are so grateful to everyone for supporting us! In the blog today we will be doing the official unboxing of the third Badger Box 'Working Nine to Five'. For this box we’ve gone with the theme ‘Working Nine to Five’; a box dedicated to all those people out there working their respective jobs who just need a pick me up!

I AM A London When searching for lovely bits to put in our ‘Working Nine to Five’ box we came across the wonderful i am a london. The creator of this fun and colourful store is ‘the queen of colour’, Charmaine Leung. i am a’s goal is to make every one smile. We are so excited to be sharing these super fun pencils which are bound to make you chuckle on a working day. The three messages in foil on the pencils are ‘fudge off’, ‘I need coffee’ and ‘I hate mondays’ - all thoughts that go through my head on a Monday morning at work. We even chose the colours especially to match the sentiments!

Ohh Deer Ohh Deer is an online shop and platform for up and coming designers, illustrators and artists. Founded by Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby in 2011, Ohh Deer brings you the best of illustrated goods and quirky designed gifts. What really is great about Ohh Deer is that each contributor (artist, illustrator & designer) gets a direct cut from Ohh Deer’s sales. They’ve recently started their next project, the ‘Creative Safari’ blog which delivers content from all budding artists! We love these to do pads, we all need a kick up the bum some days and this will do the trick. We have two designs for the Badger Box, one ‘Stop Procrastination’ and the other ‘Plan of Attack’.

Nicola Rowlands This ‘Play on Player’ unicorn sticker will remind you to release your inner unicorn during those boring meetings! We just love Nicola Rowland‘s sense of humour and everything she creates is completely original. Her illustrations and designs have been sold worldwide, and she’s worked with some major clients such as the BBC, Cbeebies, Mollie Makes and even on TV adverts!

Smokey Road Press How could we do a ‘Working Nine to Five’ box without including something Dolly orientated. Smokey Road Press is a letterpress, binding and design studio located in Athens, Georgia (our furthest travelled product yet)! We truly feel that this Dolly coaster will make you smile everytime you put your mug of tea/coffee on it. Even if you aren’t a Dolly fan the sentiment ‘if you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain’ would make anyone feel a bit better on a rubbish working week!

Unwrap Colour Rose is the owner of Unwrap Colour, she sells fun and colourful craft supplies. Similar to us Rose buys her products from a supplier and then sells them in her shop. She really enjoys buying new stock for the shop - and always has the latest designs of Washi tape. She also has the exact same motto as us - if she doesn’t love it she doesn’t stock it. We’ve included several designs of Washi tape in the box which you can use to decorate your workspace and to package up any post you are sending out!

English Breakfast Tea Bag
Cactus Rubbers


Our next box is called ‘Across the Universe’ and launches on August 28th at 7am. This box is for all the stargazers and space lovers! Make sure you are quick, as there are only 50 and are on a first-come, first-served basis although a rolling subscription can be purchased! To find out more about the Badger Box, visit our FAQ page.

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