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Badger Box 'Great Adventures'

Badger Box

We firstly want to thank everyone so much for buying our first box. We are so grateful to everyone for supporting us! In the blog today we will be doing the official unboxing of the second Badger Box 'Great Adventures'. For this box we’ve gone with the theme ‘Great Adventures’ which is based around all those great trips we want to go on, be it a day trip or a two week jetsetting extravaganza. 

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Inky Collective is ran by the lovely Jen Wright, when deciding what we wanted in our ‘Great Adventures’ box, Jen was a clear contender to collaborate with. We truly miss the days when snail mail was at it’s best with hand written letters and quirky postcards. These bright and brilliant postcards are perfect to send to a friend, or to display on your own wall or shelf as a beautiful mini prints. It has been hand printed with antique lead type, Each individual letter is placed and spaced with Jen’s own inky fingers. each card is hand pressed on an antique Adana letterpress in her London studio. just knowing this makes us love them more! We decided with Jen to do two postcards that read ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Glad You Are Not Here’ - the LATTER would be great to send to someone as a bit of friendly banter! Find out more about Inky Collective via her website:

Hole in My Pocket is the practise name of architect and artist Allistair Burt. Allistair has worked on a vast range of projects from major exhibitions, to illustration and film-making. The card’s greeting is ‘Slugs are merely snails that got restless and set out for adventures' which we thought was a lovely note to leave on with the great adventures box. we love this card and everytime we look at it we can’t help but smile. Without a doubt Allistair's work will make you laugh, smile or go ‘oooh’. Find out more about Hole in My Pocket via their website:

Sukie is ran by dynamic duo Julia and Darrell. When searching for lovely bits to put it our ‘Great Adventures’ box we were really intrigued about Sukie. Sukie Travel Journals have silk screen printed card covers and contain a selection of lined, plain, squared, craft and framed papers. They also have glassine pockets and manila envelopes/ storage pockets for storing or collecting ephemera and souvenirs. We absolutely love these travel journals and think they are a fantastic place for writing down memories and saving tickets from your wonderful adventures. They come in 5 different styles; which one did you get? Find out more about Sukie via their website:

Katie Abey is an illustrator and creator of magical things. She creates her quirky and colourful illustrations by combining humour and puns. When she’s not creating her fantastical illustrations she enjoys cuddling her cat and changing her hair frequently to match her surroundings. Wear your ‘World is the Oyster' badge with pride - and remember when you are wearing it, that you can do anything! Find out more about Katie Abey via her website:

Lizz Lunney is an illustrator, writer and comic artist from Birmingham but now resides in Berlin. These stickers are being used to promote her moving mountains exhibition at Aviatrix Atelier in Berlin, if by some strange coincidence you happen to be in Berlin between the 24th - 26th July, then you should definitely pop in to this lovely event. This sticker, can be stuck on any surface and can be doubled as a motivational reminder to remind you to explore the world, and to reach as high as the mountains! Find out more about Lizz via her website:

Undercover pencil

Willetts sherbets
Rejuvinate teabag
Cocktail sticks


Our next box is called ‘Working 9-5’ and launches on July 28th at 7am. This box is for all the people out there working their respective jobs. Everyone needs a pick me up throughout the working week!  Make sure you are quick, as there are only 50 and are on a first-come, first-served basis although a rolling subscription can be purchased! To find out more about the Badger Box, visit our FAQ page

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