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Badger Box

Badger Box

Firstly we would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has bought a Badger Box this month, your support means so much to us as a small business. We’d like to extend this thank you to all the lovely bloggers who have reviewed the box, we’ve loved hearing your thoughts! We’ve absolutely loved hearing and seeing how much you’ve enjoyed your boxes, and have loved looking at your boxes in situ. In the blog today we will be doing the official unboxing of the first ever Badger Box. Our first Badger Box ‘It’s getting hot out there’ was a selection of summery treats, ranging from a present for your garden, a bright homeware, a wickedly funny seaside greeting card, an exclusive print by a top UK illustrator and some super sweets!

Tim Easley is a London based illustrator, designer and photographer. He is self taught and loves to work with hand drawn lettering and bright colours. We commissioned him to make this exclusive ‘Ice Scream’ print for the Badger Box, we loved his use of witty humour and bright colours. We also included some of his super cool business cards in the form of 2D glasses!
Find out more about Tim Easley on his super cool website:

Kabloom is a small design company based in Scotland, they develop design led unique and eco friendly products inspired by interactions with nature and the urban environment. For the Badger Box we sourced ‘Loveboms’ and ‘Pollinatorboms’. Each seedbom is embedded with an explosive mix of organic peat free compost and seeds. Seedboms are handmade in the UK from recycled, organic and biodegradable materials. In order to trigger your seedbom you must place the bomb in water till its soaked through, then throw the seedbom into derelict ground - look for signs of soil and natural light.
Find out more about Kabloom via their website:

Stormy Knight is a lover of animals and silk-screen printing (among many other things). Her inspiration comes from food, nature, and fun. Her cute designs are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Stormy Knight was one of our first buys for the website, as her work never fails to make us laugh! We chose ‘Angry Seagull’ as it perfectly represents our seaside experiences. We sell lots of her cards here at: 
You can find out more about Stormy Knight at her website:

Pygmy Cloud is a little brand of design led gifts, they make plush toys, stationery and home accessories. For children and adults with a young heart, these items will make the perfect addition to your home. Pygmy Cloud’s super cute, felt sunshine coasters were an obvious fit for the box!
You can find out more about Pygmy Cloud at her website:

Lastly we wanted to include a sweet treat, to give all our subscribers a pick me up! Each subscriber had a selection of foam strawberries and chocolate ice cream sweets.

Our next box ‘Great Adventures’ is launching on June 28th at 7am! The box will include products from creatives and independents from around the world. The box will contain products based around those lovely holidays that you have planned (be it a day trip or a two week vacation). Make sure you are quick, as there are only 50 and are on a first-come, first-served basis although a rolling subscription can be purchased! To find out more about the Badger Box, visit our FAQ page.

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