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Rhiannon Palmer Jewellery

Rebecca Collier Designer

Rhiannon Palmer is the fantastic creator of RPJ Rhiannon Palmer Jewellery, her necklaces are made from hand cast concrete painted with bold enamel paint to add a burst of colour.



We actually met Rhiannon at Pulse, when she was working for another company. Recognising her name a few months later when she contacted us, we were obviously intrigued by her concrete wonders and we both thought that the ‘Primary collection' would be a great addition to the shop. You can shop her collection here:

All we can say is we never fully appreciated the beauty of concrete before we met Rhiannon!

See her Instagram feed @rhiannon_palmer for an update on her concrete wonders.

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  • Rhiannon Palmer on

    Thank you for the very lovely post!
    Wishing you well :)

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