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NATSTATWEEK Emma Farley Interview

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To celebrate National Stationery Week we teamed up with Emma Farley a Stationery Blogger from Cornwall to speak about stationery.

In our blog we interview Emma and ask her lots of questions about how she came to love stationery.

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How did you start your career as a blogger?

I've been blogging in one way or another for 11 years. It started as a way to share my film reviews (from the age 15-23 I wanted to be a film journalist) but I've always wanted to be a writer and things have developed from there. I was able to contribute to several great websites and magazines and launched A Few of My Favourite Things nearly four years ago. Having written solely about film for about a decade, I wanted a place to write about everything that was important to me, and quickly fell in love with lifestyle blogging.

What is the best item of stationery that you have ever bought?

I love a really good pen. When you find something that looks pretty and writes well it's awesome. Zebra pens have been my faves for a while now (you can get packs in Poundland!!!) but I recently discovered erasable pens through a colleague. My mind was blown. I'm really anal about colour coding my work diary and hate having my meetings changed when I've already written them down but erasble pens have saved my sanity! Plus they come in different colours!

Emma, we know you love stationery as much as we do. So we want to ask you what your favourite item of stationery was as a child?

I always loved back to school shopping and insisted on having everything completely new every year. I was a sucker for smelly pens and I still love glitter gel pens.

Do you have a favourite independent maker of stationery?

The internet is an incredible place and I'm finding new favourites practically every week! Right now I'm loving customising my Filofax with cute inserts and Leafy Lane Designs has definitely brightened up my schedule!

I'm a bit obsessed with Ohh Deer too.

What do you look for in a stationery item? Does it need to be bright and fun? Or functional and beautiful? Or a bit of both?

I'm definitely drawn to things which are cute and quirky but they also need to get the job done. Fortunately there are hundreds of awesome brands and designers out there, so I can always find something that I need, from pen pots to staplers, and wall planners to desk pads. Sometimes I really want everything to match but most of the time I like everything to be different but always bright and colourful.

In the age of the internet, do you think we’re missing out on putting pen to paper and writing a good old fashioned letter? Obviously these beautiful stationery items were made for exactly that!
Sometimes - I mean, most people write on Facebook walls rather than send a birthday card, which is sad. When I started uni, I regularly wrote letters to my two besties and my gran but I haven't done it for a long time. My bestie lives in Cardiff and we're always sending little packages and notecards back and forth, so that's as close as I get these days. I plan on rectifying that for National Stationery Week though.

Find Emma on her blog, Instagram and Twitter!

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